Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today’s thorn, is tomorrow’s flower!

Once there was a man who asked Allah for a flower and a butterfly. But then, Allah gave him a thorny cactus and a hideous caterpillar. He was very sad, and frustrated. He wonder why his easy request is mistaken. But he said,

“Oh well, Allah has too many things and too many people to care about. ” Then he left his requests..

Weeks later, he come to check up his left forgotten requests. He was surprised by a pretty flower from the cactus. While the unseen caterpillar has changed to a beautiful butterfly…

see, Allah does his ork his way. So when u don’t get what u want, TRUST, Allah has something better for u. He knows the best for us.

Today’s thorn, is tomorrow’s flower!

Yosh, gambarou!!

p/s : cerita diambil dari sini.


  1. ganbarou zu!!!
    insyaAllah, ade jalannye~~
    smbil nyanyi lagu maher zain..hi3

  2. Hee...thank u share kat sini.. Takde ape pun. Wah,bangga kejap. mane akak dapat blog saue ni kak? :D